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The Hungarian Oncompass Medicine was selected as the winner from 25 000 startups from 109 countries - the cancer research company has won the Get in the Ring! International contest

The Hungarian Oncompass Medicine was selected as the winner on a contest where the knowledge and innovational power of 25 000 startups from 109 countries were challenged. The Hungarian cancer research company was represented by Dr. István Peták, scientific director. Oncompass Medicine has developed the medical software that helps the therapist selecting the most effective, personalized, targeted therapy options for cancer patients within 20 thousandth seconds, with the leadership of Dr. Peták. 

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In the global final of Get in the Ring!, held on the 21st of April, 2021, the winners of the regional finals and semi-finals held in 2019 compted Oncompass Medicine has won the first prize of Get in the Ring! V4 in November, 2019 in the organization of Startup Campus. In the regional match held at the Museum of Fine Arts - in accordance with the format of Get in the Ring! - the startup companies had to compete with each other in a physical box ring. OCM was selected for the semi-final as the winner of the regional contest, then to the global final, among the eight best teams in the world. In the global final, based on the votes of the audience and the international jury, two finalists of four fields of professions competed against one another in a digital ring this time.

The Hungarian Oncompass Medicine participated in the health care section of the four fields of profession - 1. energy, smart city 2. health, education, well-being 3. health care, agriculture, food 4. regulation, data safety - where the opponent was 6degrees from Israel. The product if 6degrees is MyMove that allows the use of smartphones, tablets and other intelligent devices for people with disabilities. The winning product of Oncompass Medicine is a medical software developed by the company, that helps the therapist selecting the most suitable personalized therapeutic options for cancer patients. The software and the procedure it applies have been available for therapists and their patients for years.

Dr. István Peták, one of the founders of Oncompass Medicine and the company's scientific director highlighted:

"it feels extremely good, that we, a Hungarian company, were selected as the winners from thousands of startups from all over the world. I hope we will give more confidence to many Hungarian researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, to fulfil their dreams. I would also like the world to see Hungary as one of the birthplaces of innovation and to pay particular attention to Hungarian innovative technological companies. However, this winning also means, that our responsibility is huge, since humanity believes that our researchers can help in defeating our shared enemy: cancer, regardless of the national borders."

Beyond knowledge and expertise, Get in the Ring! believes in the power of connections, as their primary goal is connecting the significant ecosystems of the world. Get in the Ring! is cooperating with the leaders of various industries in more than 100 countries, and connects the most promising startups with internationally acclaimed innovators. The winners of the competition receive special business support packages: the startup companies get connected with the most important entrepreneurs of the industry on an international level, who facilitate the operation and development of the startup companies both financially and intellectually. In 2018, the American Forbes referred to the development of Oncompass Medicine for the selection of the personalized treatment for the patients as the solution of the future. In 2019, on the conference of Breakthrough Oncology Innovations held in Bangkok OCM was awarded with the prize of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, then on the Global Innovation Conference in Hague Oncompass Medicine represented Hungary. This year, on the competition of Digital Europe, Oncompass Medicine has won the Future Unicorn Prize as the most promising technological enterprise of Europe.

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