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Virtual Molecular Tumor Board

The online or virtual tumor board (VMTB) is the part of the precision oncology treatment that involves experts from various specialties in order to select the molecular diagnostic examinations necessary from the aspect of the patient as well as the personalization of the therapy planning based on molecular results and provides professional background for the communication and implementation of the therapeutic indications. 

Within the frames of the VMBT service, Oncompass Medicine uniquely provides professional support for the therapists and oncoteams in order to give their patients state of the art precision oncology service in accordance with the international indications.

During the services available within the frames of the Oncompass Precision Oncology Program, we are flexible in aligning to the clinical demands. We offer appointments to discuss the cases on any day of the week, in various times. The discussions take place on a safe online platform, in accordance with the data protection requirements.

As a result, the complex and multidisciplinary forum becomes available in those oncology centers as well, where the molecular tumor board is not provided or only provided within a limited time period. The professional constitution of the VMBT: clinical oncologist, medical examiner, genetic consultant, molecular pharmacologist, interpretational and laboratory colleagues (molecular biologist / info-bionic engineer / biophysicist / molecular bionic engineer / bioengineer), sample logistics staff, consultation manager, follow-up coordinator, program manager; VMBT discusses every case twice: prior to the commencement of the examination (VMBT I) and after the examinations are ready, when developing the therapeutic indication (VMBT II). 

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