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Oncompass Medicine is a Hungarian medical enterprise dealing with the development of decision support and diagnostic medical devices that help the personalized treatment of cancer patients. 

Oncompass was the first to develop a medical device based on artificial intelligence that was proved to be successful in facilitating the therapeutic decision making process of the personalized treatment for cancer patients. For the effectiveness of the results Oncompass has developed a complex decision support system as well as a quality assured procedure. 


The most promising technological enterprise in Europe; Oncompass Medicine has won the Future Unicorn Prize with the software the company developed for the selection of the targeted therapy of cancer patients.


The oncology software system of Oncompass has won the Informatics Innovation Award of the Hungarian Association for Innovation in 2019.


We presented at the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) conference the results of the clinical research conducted in cooperation with the Parisian Marie Curie Institute, that proofs that the medical software of Oncompass based on Artificial Intelligence does not only facilitate the work of the therapist, but as a new medical method, the digital therapy planning enhances the effectiveness of the treatment of cancer patients.


For the sake of the local development of digital therapies, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the leading medical university of Hungary and Oncompass Medicine has signed a strategic contract for cooperation.


According to the results presented at the congress of ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) the digital therapy planning conducted with the medical software of Oncompass Medicine can be routinely applied with children with cancer. In case of more than half of the children participating in the program the professionals indicated targeted treatments that would not have been considered without the molecular examination and digital therapy planning.


On the 11th of October, the decision support software of Oncompass was awarded with the best abstract prize on the international conference, “Breakthrough Innovations in Oncology” of ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) held in Bangkok, dealing with the application of artificial intelligence in oncology.


Oncompass Medicine won the first place of GET IN THE RING V4! the innovation and start-up contest of the Visegrád Group.


As of 2017, as a Hungarian medical-biotechnological enterprise, our consortium partners are the two leading oncology institutions in the National Innovation Oncogenic and Precision Oncology Program.


The first version of Oncompass' informatics device for the evaluation of molecular diagnostic examinations and the selection of the effective therapy was introduced in 2016 at the world conference of personalized medical service at Silicon Valley.


Dr. István Peták the founder and leader of Oncompass Medicine was awarded with Gábor Dénes prize what is given to the professionals who create outstanding intellectual works and transfer the new knowledge to practice.


Our summary of the diagnostic examinations required for the application of the personalized therapies was published in Nature Reviews, a scientific journal.


The medical researchers returning to Hungary from abroad founded Oncompass Medicine in 2003, with the creed of asserting the right of the patients to access the results of local and international biomedical researches.


The researchers of Oncompass Medicine were among the firsts in Hungary to report the first successful targeted therapy possibility in case of lung cancer patients.

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Oncompass Medicine is a Hungarian medical enterprise dealing with the development of decision support and diagnostic medical devices that help the personalized treatment of cancer patients. 

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