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Digital therapy planning

Digital therapy planning refers to the personalized planning of a treatment with the help of a digital device. 

Precision oncology has become the part of the everyday life. The molecular profile can be accurately mapped and the number of the available targeted medication keeps growing. In the digital era, the only thing that counts is the connection of these two.

The decision support software analyzes the genetic and clinical data in order to conduct the correct conclusions. Digital therapy planning (DTP) refers to the planning of personalized treatments and immune therapies with the help of digital devices. For digital therapy planning, molecular information is required and the data needs to be as detailed as possible.

Oncompass utilizes the results of former molecular diagnostics examination for planning the therapy, and if the detailed molecular information is not available, the company organizes the necessary diagnostic examinations. The tumour is caused by millions of possible combinations of millions of possible mutations of hundreds of genes. The gene mutations that cause the tumours are gradually created during its formation based on biological principles and algorithms.

Our special oncology software is able to understand the biological principles by analyzing the tumour's molecular profile, and to break the "molecular code", thus determining the point of attack (molecular target), for what a targeted medication can be applied. The result of the digital therapy planning is the precision oncology report, that introduces the personalized medication options.

The calculator, as a special oncology software weighs and combines the scientific evidences according to a predetermined algorithm. The therapy planning software organizes the human knowledge available in scientific publications. It generates a specific value, a number (a so-called aggravated evidence level - AEL) to each active substance during the determination of the order.

The order of the medication and the active substances depends on how high the AEL value is. Based on the therapeutic option presented in the Precision Oncology Report, after the preparation by the experts, our board of professionals (Virtual Molecular Tumor Board) proposes a specific therapy to be applied and its timing, ideally with the involvement of the therapist within the frames of a video conference. 

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