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Why is our Precision Oncology Program considered unique?


The framework of the personalized program is provided by a new medical procedure developed by Oncompass. The procedure includes all the services needed to set up a personalized treatment plan and puts them in an optimal order. The special procedure can help you and your doctor to identify and to apply personalized options.


For the development of an appropriate therapy plan (strategy) now requires the combined knowledge of as much information that even the most trained physician cannot adopt, process, weigh and properly apply up to date. It is impossible to be familiar with 30 million scientific publications, more than 60,000 clinical trials, the biological significance of 6 million gene defects (gene mutations) and to reflect on this information in the context of more than 1,200 personalized drugs available or under development worldwide. This task can only be done by special medical decision support IT systems.

ONCOMPASS has created its special decision support tool, the multi-award-winning artificial intelligence-based software, a registered medical device (RealTime Oncology Treatment Calculator™) which at several points helps to make the right decisions in the process. More than 26,000 precision oncology rules ensure that artificial intelligence does not operate without limits, but within the framework of scientific evidence. The decision algorithm of the software can also be checked afterwards and continuously optimized. Thus, more and more precise decision supports are born from case to case.


Our colleagues with special expertise are available within the frames of the program, who help the cancer patients in both diagnostics and therapeutic decision making points (Tumour Boards -that is Molecular Oncoteam). Since the Program requires a continuous contact, the cases are attended by two colleagues. The help of your Coordinator will be necessary in handling the procedures, who will always provide up-to-date information, so you will know what is going to happen, why and when. Your Expert will harmonize the professional procedures. The Molecular Tumour Board, as a board of experts evaluates the molecular and other information generated by our medical software. 

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Oncompass Medicine is a Hungarian medical enterprise dealing with the development of decision support and diagnostic medical devices that help the personalized treatment of cancer patients. 

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