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Gyúrós Tibor Award

Innovation of the year - Oncompass precision and oncology decision support procedure

Oncompass Medicine Hungary Ltd. makes all the diagnostic and informatics tools available for the cancer patients and their therapists that are needed for the personalized, so-called precision oncology treatment based on the molecular target. Since 2014, the focus of Oncompass has been the development of the medical informatics device that is capable of selecting the most suitable medication based on molecular genetic examinations. The RealTime Oncology Treatment Calculator is a principle-based artificial intelligence. It processes the data with an algorithm developed by the company, what results in a list of active substances relevant for the patient, based on the molecular genetic changes identified in the patient's tumour. 

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Oncompass Medicine is a Hungarian medical enterprise dealing with the development of decision support and diagnostic medical devices that help the personalized treatment of cancer patients. 

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