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Katalin has been symptom-free for 10 years this year, recovering from metastatic lung cancer with the help of Oncompass Medicine

25 September 2023

The year 2023 marks a really important anniversary in the life of Katalin Bernáth Gusztávné Tari. This year, it has been a decade since it was discovered that a drug identified and researched by Oncompass Medicine, which was still in the clinical trial phase at the time, was usable. Coming from a small village, this lady embraced the unknown with huge hopes and determination and didn't even stop until Malaga, Spain, where she received the treatment.

This ten-year milestone in Katalin's recovery coincides with another noteworthy occasion: Oncompass Medicine is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In 2003, when OCM was established, cancer remained shrouded in mystery for many, and misconceptions about the disease abounded. The decision to establish a precision oncology startup ahead of its time, surpassing conventional oncology methods by decades, was a bold and courageous move.

The core objective, then as it is now, was to assist as many cancer patients as possible through cutting-edge personalized therapies grounded in scientific advancements. Katalin's story exemplifies Oncompass Medicine's mission, with her becoming an iconic patient, representing all those whom OCM has aided.

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In 2012, Katalin received a devastating diagnosis: lung cancer with lymph and brain metastases. However, this resident of Gyöngyöspata, a small Hungarian village, refused to surrender to despair. She entered the battle with unwavering faith and confidence, ultimately saving her life. For Katalin, the Oncompass Medicine team identified the gene mutation responsible for her illness. At that time, experts manually determined the most suitable personalized therapy, which was part of a clinical trial held in Spain, making it the sole option globally.

Throughout her cancer journey, the OCM team stood by Katalin, providing vital support in coordinating her treatment.

"I am endlessly grateful to the Oncompass team for taking my hand ten years ago and using all their professional knowledge and humanity to help me with my successful therapy. Before my illness, I had only visited nearby countries, so Malaga seemed incredibly far away, traveling there was like being shot to the moon, I didn't speak any foreign languages, I couldn't even cover the travel expenses, so the support of Oncompass was a huge help." Katalin said.

After such a long time, Katalin already remembers the difficulties with serenity, she likes to talk about the fact that her trips were organized by truck drivers on several occasions, since she did not have the financial resources for a plane ticket, or that during her stay abroad, which often lasted several months, she supported herself by giving out embroidered and crocheted trinkets as gifts.

The Oncompass team supported Katalin all along the way to recovery, and of course the joy was shared when Katalin received the news that the prescribed therapy was working.

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Katalin utolsó személyre szabott terápiás látogatása Malagában

"It has been a decade since I became symptom-free. Much has transpired since my diagnosis, and perhaps the most rewarding aspect is that I have welcomed three grandchildren into my life. Now, I can actively participate in the lives of five children as a doting grandmother," Katalin reflected.

Her transformative experiences led to the creation of a remarkable book authored by Csilla Mihalicz, titled "For Whom The Sun Came Up Twice".  Through personal anecdotes, the book underscores the importance of never giving up the fight and highlights that seemingly hopeless cases can often be cured with effective assistance, wherever one may be in the world. Science's continuous evolution is exemplified by Oncompass Medicine's use of artificial intelligence in therapy planning since 2015. 

Throughout its twenty-year journey, Oncompass Medicine's mission has remained unchanged: to provide cutting-edge therapies to as many patients as possible, years ahead of public availability. For instance, the drug that proved effective in Spain in 2013 for Katalin's case was only registered and accessible to cancer patients in Hungary for specific indications in 2019.

Dr. István Peták, the scientific director of Oncompass Medicine, added, "We understand that the path to recovery is arduous and painful for every cancer patient. The past twenty years have been an enduring struggle for Oncompass as well. However, every moment of perseverance has been worthwhile as we achieve success in more and more cancer cases. Over the past two decades, tens of thousands of patients from nearly every corner of the globe have placed their trust in Oncompass Medicine. We are confident that this number will continue to rise in the next twenty years. With a united global effort, we aim to dethrone cancer from its current reign."

To fulfill this ambition, Oncompass Medicine, as a digital healthcare company, intends to expand its support for cancer patients in the future through new self-developed platforms. From molecular diagnostics to follow-up care, OCM aims to establish a global digital safety net for prevention-focused patients and those battling cancer. This net will offer the highest-quality professional support and oversight, accessible to all, even without in-person presence, providing access to the most advanced diagnostic and therapy planning tools based on the latest scientific advancements.

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