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A petefészekrák molekuláris diagnosztikája és célzott kezelése

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Molecular diagnostics and targeted treatment of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer includes several histological subgroups. The most common histological type is that of squamous cell carcinoma, while the less common ovarian cancers can be of a wide variety of origins (e.g. cancers arising from germ cells, developmental remnants, cells that have developed from foetal age).

Ovarian cancer, like breast cancer, can be a hereditary tumour linked to mutations in the BRCA1-2 gene, which allows for targeted treatment options (PARP inhibitors) and warrants genetic counselling.

Moreover, in ovarian cancer, angiogenesis is an important therapeutic option, acting both as an active and maintenance treatment. Knowledge of the hormone receptor status of the tumour offers a chemotherapy-free treatment option for certain subtypes. In some cases, EGFR mutations may also be present, in which case EGFR inhibitors may be effective.

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