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Digital age in precision oncology

Precision Oncology Program

A solution to select 
personalized treatments

A solution to select
personalized treatments



In any types 
of tumors

In any types
of tumors

How can we help?

Our Precision Oncology Program presents the possibilities of personalized targeted treatments for cancer patients.

All cancers have genetic components though most are not inherited. Personalized targeted treatments are now  available for many of these genetic defects contributing to tumorigenesis. Molecular diagnostics reveals the underlying cause of tumor development.

Based on the identified gene defects a proprietary oncology AI software determines both the molecular targets and its' associated personalized targeted compounds. A number of conditions need to be met for personalized oncology care. In order to best assess them, make an appointment for a consultation. 

Who can we help?

The personalized treatment plan can be determined for any given tumor type as long as the targeted treatments for the identified gene defects are available.

The following factors and more are taken into consideration for program planning: cancer type, previous molecular diagnostic results, available clinical history, performance status, ability and willingness to travel, and risk of recurrence. Advisory board approved recommendations from the oncology community provide us with guidance for molecular diagnotics based personalized treatment planning.  Online and in-person consultations are available for program planning and selection. 

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Personalized therapies

Dr Petak Istvan

Digital Therapy Planning in Precision Oncology

"Every patients’ tumor harbors an individual combination of 4-5 mutations out of 6 million potential mutations of 600 genes. There are already 100 targeted therapies in clinical use, and there are around 1000 in clinical development. 

The challenge of precision oncology is choosing which mutant gene to target with which targeted therapy to achieve response in the presence of the specific mutation and all the other mutant genes. We have to select an effective treatment for the given mutation based on the targeted unique gene mutation. The solution to this problem is the help of artificial intelligence. Oncompass Medicine developed a medical software system to select the most appropriate molecular-based targeted treatment options for cancer patients."

— István Petak MD PhD (Oncompass)

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About the AI-based software we use

Genomate AI

Oncompass Medicine developed a medical software system with the purpose of best selecting molecular-based targeted treatment options for cancer patients. The tool is designed to support oncologists in selecting the most effective personalized therapy for their cancer patients.

The software now is further developed by Genomate Health Inc., a Boston-based biotechnology company founded by Istvan Petak and Oncompass Medicine.

1.900+ compounds
59.000+ Gene mutation
12.000+ scientific evidence
450+ type of cancer
1.800+ clinical trial
21.000+ decision rules
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Oncompass Medicine is a Hungarian medical enterprise dealing with the development of decision support and diagnostic medical devices that help the personalized treatment of cancer patients. 

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